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Unlock It! – The Master Key To Wealth & Success


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Unlock It!

The Master Key to Wealth, Success, & Significance.

A decade after his best-selling book, F.U. Money, Lok releases his greatest business education work to date. Unlock It! details his proven system for achieving financial confidence, wealth acceleration, and powerful purpose.

Unlock It! demonstrates how the principles that make up Wealth Triangle Dynamics are at the center of entrepreneurial and business success. He identifies the four financial levels that impact your ability to make the money you want and how the Wealth Triangle helps you weather almost any financial crisis.

  • Understand How to Achieve Financial Confidence Without Hustling
  • Secure the Financial Confidence that Unlocks Your ‘Rich Mindset’
  • Obtain Mentorship from One of the World’s Most Sought After Mindset Experts
  • Plan Out Your Transition from Getting Paid Per Hour to Getting Paid Your Worth
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Podcast host Dan Lok challenges conventional wisdom inspires leaders by example and is known as the mentor of mentors. Dan delivers practical, everyday tips for helping ordinary people create wealth and success to achieve extraordinary results in business, relationships and life.

Discover how to “Unlock” your success in business, and in life each week as the bestselling author and internationally renown business mentor Dan Lok shares his inspiring insights, and interviews the world’s most brilliant business minds, including influential celebrities to inspire and help you to unlock your higher self and impact the world.

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“Do you want to stop struggling in your life and business? Do you want the truth and nothing but the truth delivered without any sugar coating? The Dan Lok Show is for you! Dan delivers invaluable knowledge and wisdom that you should listen to and follow. Whether he’s talking to you directly or sharing stories with his guests about their rise to fame, their success, their failures and anything in between, you will be taking notes and experience many aha moments that you rarely ever get from popular podcasts.” –Claude Gagne

“I follow Dan Lok in other platforms and always learn business concepts really well from the way he explains things. So I find it easy to internalize what he’s saying in each podcast, which I listen to while I work. It’s great for him and his team to be sharing high quality content and making it so accessible.” – Katherine Rojo

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